Now in it 54th year, the Derby Boab Quest has become an integral part of the Derby Boab Festival. Each year  entrants are nominated for their outstanding work in supporting local charities through community fundraising events. The Boab Quest is a way we can all acknowledge the people in our community who give freely of their time to support those in need.

boab-quest-icon.pngJoin the long and illustrious list of past Boab Quest Entrants

Are you interested in being part of the Boab Quest and help raise funds your local community?
This is your chance to really raise community awareness and much needed funds for the charity of your choice.
It's  fun, it's rewarding and it's a great way to bring your community together for a good cause.

2015  Boab Quest winner  KERRISSA  O`MEARA

Boab Quest Charity winner   HAYLEY PEARCE

Runner up  LEAH HART


2014 winners congratulations to

Trent Ozies........ Boab Quest winner

Dannielle Bangmorra.....Boab Quest Charity winner

Thanks to Mick Porra


Please contact: Lynnel Buckle.
e-mail: boabfestival@gmail.com



LEAH HART – Derby Tigers Football Club
My name is Leah Hart, I was born and bred in Derby, however moved away to attend boarding school for 5 years in Perth. After graduating year 12 in 2008, I moved back to Derby and started working at Holy Rosary School as an Aboriginal Teaching Assistant.
At the end of 2009, I decided to leave Derby, my family and friends to embark on a Journey to Perth. In that time I was able to support my partner and his football commitments, before moving back to Derby in 2013. In that time of living in Perth, I was exposed to many opportunities which, at the time were very limited in Derby.
Whilst living away from home for 3-4 years, it was in Perth that I was able to capture how sport is able to bring a community together. That is why, this year I will be the Derby Tigers Football Club’s Boab Quest Entrant.
I will be raising funds to purchase new and improved training equipment, rehabilitation equipment and other essentials. I hope to also use the funds to promote and support junior football in Derby.
Hope you all can come down to my events and support the Roar.
KERRISSA O’MEARA – Youth Development
My name is Kerrissa O’Meara and I am a local Derby girl. I have lived most of my life here in Derby except when I had to leave for boarding schooling.
I have three beautiful children in which two attend school and one in day care. Growing up in Derby is one of the best things I have done, we have wide open spaces, freedom to move about, great fishing and camping and best of all great people. It is a great place to raise young children because of the freedom they get than being in a big city.
I have watched Derby grow year by year, back when I was a teenager it was great walking the streets, hanging out with friends, sitting at the town oval and the best thing was that everyone got along with each other no matter what little groups your in and looking at the younger generation now, well it is so much different both in good and bad ways.
I am fundraising for Youth Development, because I think that helping these kids reach their goals in school, work, numeracy and literacy, starting jobs is very important, We as the older generation need to help the younger generation develop into what they want to do or be.
I look forward to fundraising and running for boab quest this year I know it will be a great experience for me.

HAYLEY PEARCE – Derby District High School
Hi my name is Hayley Pearce. I was born in Cowell, a country town in South Australia. As a child I grew I up in Rockingham, a suburb south of Perth. In 2012, I graduated from Murdoch University as a Primary School Teacher. I got my first job as a teacher at Derby District High School. I moved to Derby at the beginning of 2013 as a Year Six teacher. In my time at Derby I have enjoyed getting out fishing and camping, going to the gorges and participating in sports such as Netball, Lawn Bowls and Volleyball. Over this boab season, I am raising funds to go towards resurfacing the basketball courts at the school and to purchase educational resources. I hope to see you all at the upcoming events, for myself and the other boab entrants.