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Boab Festival at Derby inc.

P.O. Box 165 Derby, W.A. 6728. | ABN  973 851 321 92


President   Bill Hart.  Ph 0428911869

Boab Quest co ordinator   Lynnell Buckle  email  

Secretary    Vanessa Pennie

Treasurer  Jenny Kloss

Committee   Lynnell Buckle, Denis Jokovich,  Jenny Kloss, Linda DeHann, Rosella Hatton, Cyril Archer, Val O` Meara, Tracey Kitaura, Brad Spring, Gayle Martin, 6DBY Radio.

Programs and Information

Derby Visitors Centre, 30 Loch Street, DERBY WA 6728. ph 1800 621 426, 08 91911 426 ,



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