2013 Boab Quest Entrants


Asha Hough – Derby District High School

A bit about me: I have been living in Derby since June 2011 when I joined the Derby District High School community as a primary school teacher. I enjoy the social aspects of living in the Kimberley and am constantly amazed by the incredible people and places around Derby. The kids of Derby have become a big inspiration in my life and they teach me something new every day. Just because it’s an important part of Kimberley life-My biggest Barra is 83cm’s and although I do want to join the meter club, I just don’t want to put the hours in required to catch one!

What we are fundraising for: Alongside a very enthusiastic social club we are planning several community events in efforts to raise money for Derby District High School. Monies raised at these events will be going towards a number of projects aimed at enriching the education experiences for all students from Kindergarten to Year 12 at Derby District High School. Our projects include, but are not limited to upgrades to our assembly area and aiding the funding of camps.
I am really looking forward to this year’s Boab Festival and raising money for some great causes in our wonderful town.

Rachel Cane – Derby Hospital

I have lived in Derby on and off for just over a year. I came to Derby from Perth for a three month agency contract working in the Emergency Department and within hours I had three new friends and was sat in the pub listening to live music. After a reception like that who could leave? During a trip back to Europe to visit my family my mum pointed out that I didn’t stop talking about Derby and the people I’d met and the fun I had and that perhaps I should go back there. So for once I took my mothers advice and came back to Derby, took a permanent position in the Emergency Department and I’m still loving it.

I have lived in Australia for five years and before that in the UK and through all my travels and adventures I have never felt so welcomed and instantly accepted as part of the community as I have in Derby Town. So it will be my pleasure to be the Derby Hospital Boab entrant for 2013 to try and give a little bit back to the community that has welcomed this half English/half French wandering nurse so heartily.

I will be raising funds to purchase a portable ultrasound machine for the emergency department which can be useful in many situations for example trauma, maternity and minor injuries. It is a quick, safe and often vital diagnostic tool which can save lives in an emergency.

I will have a great committee behind me who will be helping to organise various events including a cocktail party, hospital Olympics, golf day and a quiz night. As well as raffles, 100’s boards and cake stalls. I am excited about being given this opportunity and look forward to meeting new people, while we celebrate the Country/Kimberly way of life. I’m sure I will be seeing you all at our awesome events over the coming months.

Teena-maree Taylor – 6DBY

Hello my name is Teena, I am originally from Kununurra but moved here to Derby in 2007 for a change of scenery and to be closer to my partner Paul Taylor.

While living in Derby, I have been involved with community sports such as netball and volleyball also a big fan of the Derby Tigers football Team as my husband play for them and try to contributed my time to the club and upcoming events.

I have created new friendships and enjoying the fishing and camping also exploring what Derby has to offer. I am fundraising to purchase new office furniture and supplies to create a better work environment for the staff and visitors at 6DBY radio station.

I hope to see you all at my upcoming events and support with my fundraising it would be mostly appreciated.

Belinda Frost - West Kimberley (Derby) Regional Prison

I currently work at the West Kimberley (Derby) Regional Prison, as the Senior Medical Receptionist.Born in NSW, my father was in the Army, so we moved around a lot.When my father retired from the Army, I joined, at just 17yrs old. My entire career has been based around Defence, the Military and, Security &Intelligence until I moved to Derby, about 18mths ago.

I moved here to be with my fiancé & I immediately fell in love with the sunrises and sunsets.

Since then, I’ve found that there’s a whole lot more to love about this town . . . the camping, the exploring, the fishing (even though I don’t eat fish!), the people and so much more! There is a wonderful community atmosphere here & I’m proud to call Derby “my home”. - I am putting my fundraising efforts towards supporting Derby Animal Welfare Group (DAWG) who rescue, foster and assist abandoned and injured animals here, in Derby.

I am an animal lover and responsible pet owner myself. So, I feel that DAWG is a necessary and worthwhile organisation in Derby, here to help those that cannot help themselves.

Contact: Melanie Houghton
e-mail: boabquest2013@hotmail.com