Jubilee Derby Boab Quest - 2010

2010 Boab Quest Entrants


Boab Quest Coordinator - Wei Lwoy          

  • Jessica Down - Derby Health Service
    Jessica is raising money for the purchase of a new Disaster Trailer for Derby Hospital. This vital piece of equipment will assist the whole community of Derby in times of need.
  • Katie Lovatt - Derby District High School
    Katie is raising money for a number of School resources. There are four major camps planned this year - Country Week and Kimberley Cup (High School Students) and the Year Four and Seven Camps. Part of funds raised will also go towards school resources for both the Primary and High School classes and the construction of new Cricket Nets for the Primary School.
  • Nikki Jensen - Holy Rosary School
    Nikki is raising money for a number of projects at Holy Rosary School. This includes the purchase of shade sails to improve outdoor playing areas throughout the School.


Boab Quest Nomination Form
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Boab Quest Events List - 2010
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What is the Derby Boab Quest?

A traditional part of Derby's annual Boab Festival is the Derby Boab Quest. Formally known as the Boab Queen competition, entrants host functions, competitions and raffles to fundraise for their chosen non-profit organisation, community group or charity.

The Boab Quest is open to both male and female entrants aged over 18 years, residing in the Derby/West Kimberley shire. Traditional supporters of the Quest are the schools and also the hospital.

The Quest culminates in the crowning of Boab King or Queen and Charity King or Queen at the Boab Festival Mardi Gras held in July. The Boab King or Queen is selected on a number of criteria by a judging panel, and the entrant who raises the most money for their organisation is crowned Charity King or Queen. Each of the entrants receives a gift in recognition of their efforts throughout the year. The Boab King or Queen and Charity King or Queen receives substantial extra prizes.

Being a Quest entrant is a great way for people to get involved in the community and it also offers a brilliant opportunity to effectively raise funds and the profile of their chosen community group or organisation at the same time. The people of Derby look forward to the various fundraising events held throughout the year and the crowning of the Boab King or Queen and Charity King or Queen is definitely a highlight on the Boab Festival calendar.